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The School recognizes the diversity of its student population, the expertise of its academic staff and commitment of its support staff. It recognizes the challenge to respond to the health care needs of the country and the international community. The School of Physiotherapy, Sport Science and Optometry will strive to promote and maintain professional ethics, to foster transparency in its operations, to inculcate the spirit of accountability as expected of public officials. It will broaden democratic participation of all stakeholders by considering the views of all affected by decisions and actions in its pursuit to promote independent learners, competent practitioners and sustained research output and outreach. Democratization, Transparency, Professional Ethics and Accountability will be the cardinal principles which underpin all operations in the School at all levels. The development of mechanisms to achieve this will be ongoing.


The School of Physiotherapy, Sport Science and Optometry will strive to achieve excellence in education, training, service and research that is appropriate to the needs of the country and continent.


The School of Physiotherapy, Sport Science and Optometry aims to produce graduates equipped with appropriate knowledge and skills to adequately contribute to the health needs of the province country, and region within these three specialized fields. In addition, the programmes are designed to enhance the life-long learning skills and independent thinking of the learner for continuous clinical and research development.


The School of Physiotherapy, Sport Science and Optometry strives to achieve the following goals throughout the different programmes:

  • Student education that promotes a comprehensive approach to health services at all levels, primary, secondary and tertiary, of the health care system.
  • Learning that is student-centered, interdisciplinary and both community and hospital based.
  • Infusion of the reflective health practitioner model in all teaching.
  • The pursuit of excellence in research, which will inform teaching and address the realities, problems and needs of the community.
  • Contribution to the formulation and implementation of policy that will ensure an equitable, efficient and effective health and welfare system in South Africa.
  • A proactive approach to effective and efficient management to support these objectives.
  • Equipping graduates with professional and academic qualifications, which are recognized nationally and internationally.
  • The provision of access to learners and staff who are differently abled.

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